It's raining pods


Two new episodes recorded this week folks! With two very special guests.

In the first episode I welcome Dr. Mukhopadhyay, who is Director of Pulmonary Pathology at Cleveland Clinic talked with me about his experiences during the pandemic and then about Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and what we know so far about the histopathologic findings in COVID-19 patients.

My second new episode is with a very special international guest, Dr. Laura Pastrian, who is Surgical Pathologist at La Paz University Hospital in Madrid, Spain. She told me about what life is like during their lockdown, how Pathology is adapting, and shared a special moment of national appreciation for the workers who keep the country going. 

This time has been anxiety inducing in all of our lives. Most Pathologists I talk to are uncertain about what each day will bring, with specimen volumes decreasing and some being drafted onto “surge” teams. Both Drs. Mukhopadhyay and Pastrián demonstrated a willingness to be helpful and hopeful. I hope that you feel the same. I think more than ever sharing our experiences is vital to feeling connected and motivated by a common purpose.


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