Turns out it's hard to run in a mask?

I am trying to be a good citizen, but my somewhat limited sewing skills are getting in the way. Or maybe it’s simply physiology. Universal masking is being encouraged, and though I have an old dry-wall mask at home (used, eww) I have decided to wear a cloth mask around the neighborhood to normalize this behavior. Though research has shown these masks are inferior to hospital-grade masks, it is better than nothing, and likely would decrease transmission if everyone got on board.

I found a pattern with an opening on the inner side, which seemed handy in case one wants to increase filtration for certain situations. My first attempt included interfacing on the fabric, which I must say, makes it awfully hard to breathe. So I tried a version with a single layer of cotton (quilters type, which is supposed to perform quite well), and attempted to wear this while on a jog. I made it two minutes. If my backdraft has particles in it (yes I realize this is being ciritcized for questionable methods, but I think there might be a sprinkle of truth in it) it won’t be a problem, as I have taken to jogging on purpose where there are no sidewalks! Problem solved. But I still feel guilty. Like I’m not participating.

It’s clear that in countries where masking is more common, people are used to this, heck even kids wear them without a fight (and they are cute and stylish)! I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until Nike or some fancy sporting wear company comes out with designer masks. But I’m not sure my lungs are ever going to be able to breathe through a barrier while working overtime. In the meantime, my homemade versions will have to do. And I promise to stay really far away. 

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